Monday, April 1, 2013

New York Times Upfront; Ancient Vandalism

               Nowadays vandalism is a crime, but back in ancient Roman times it was respected. The word graffiti traces back to the Italian word graffito which means scribblings. While working on the Colesseum- the 50,000 seat ampitheater built in 70A.D. where ancient Romans went to watch Gladiator duels- archaeologists discovered writings and drawings beneath the stadium's walls.These "graffiti" word state victories and vengeance and other things of the sort that where meant to leave the mark and tell the story of their writer. The oldest trace of graffiti dates back 40,000 years in Spain taking the form of cavemen drawings. Experts on ancient Rome say that this "graffiti" was valued in ancient Rome because very few Romans were literate.

               The Author wants the reader to realize that once a long time ago "graffiti; was tolerated and even admired because very few people knew how to write or read. They want readers to know that this "graffiti" helps archaeologists see inside the world of the Ancient Romans and open up a new discovery into Ancient Roman life.

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